XPERT (Xerte Public E-learning ReposiTory) project is a JISC funded rapid innovation project (summer 2009) to explore the potential of delivering and supporting a distributed repository of e-learning resources created and seamlessly published through the open source e-learning development tool called Xerte Online Toolkits. The aim of XPERT is to progress the vision of a distributed architecture of e-learning resources for sharing and re-use.

Learners and educators can use XPERT to search a growing database of open learning resources suitable for students at all levels of study in a wide range of different subjects.

Creators of learning resources can also contribute to XPERT via RSS feeds created seamlessly through local installations of Xerte Online Toolkits. Xpert has been fully integrated into Xerte Online Toolkits, an open source content authoring tool from The University of Nottingham.

Xpert contains metadata and resources for almost 120,000 learning objects from over 8000 providers. This data is not only of benefit when running the xpert system, but also to other users and service providers. As part of the "Open Nottingham" strategy (a combination of the Xpert, Xpert Media Search and Attribution, BERLiN, U-Now, Xerte, iTunesU, Youtube EDU and Second Life) we have devised, the Xpert Team have taken steps to start to provide data and services to other repositories and interested parties.

The XPERT project welcomes new users and content creators and thanks you for your interest. If you want to get involved, whether using Xerte Online Toolkits or your own OER RSS feed, please click on ‘Submit a link’ above. We look forward to hearing from you.

You can follow us on twitter as @xpert_project, or email us at xpert@nottingham.ac.uk